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What are those ugly black streaks on my gutters?

Published January 25th, 2019

By Mike Savage

Gutter cleaning

Vertical Black Streaks on Gutters

At first glance, most people might just think that the vertical black streaks on their gutters are simply just from mold and mildew buildup. While some green algae and black mold is usually present, those black streaks are neither algae or mold. So what are those black streaks and what are they caused from? They are caused by a chemical reaction that occurs between the asphalt from the tar in roof shingles and other debris and the aluminum in the gutters. The asphalt creates an electrostatic bond with the aluminum and no amount of bleach, soap, or pressure will remove the streaks. That's why with a traditional house wash mix, these streaks just won't come off.

Strong Chemicals Can Harm Paint

A lot of contractors will use a butyl-based product to try to remove the streaks, but if this product is mixed too strong, you can damage the gutters and actually take the paint right off. At Clean Look Pressure Washing, we use a mild potassium hydroxide solution that can safely remove the oxidation layer of the paint where the streaks are trapped through electrostatic bonding. When safely applied and agitated with a soft bristle brush, we can restore those black streaked, gray looking gutters back to looking almost like new again.

Elbow Grease Will Not Remove Most Gutter Streaks

So as the customer, keep in mind that a regular house wash detergent will not take off those black streaks and make sure you hire a professional like Mike Savage at Clean Look Pressure Washing who has the right equipment, detergents, and knowledge to safely remove those black ugly streaks from your gutters. Call Mike today at (706) 897-3816 to schedule an estimate.

Fully insured, Clean Look Pressure Washing owner Mike Savage, is known for being dependable, reasonably priced, and honest. Give him a call for a free estimate or with any questions about pressure washing. Servicing the Blairsville, Georgia, Hiawassee, Georgia, Murphy, North Carolina, and Hayesville, North Carolina areas, Mike goes beyond the expected to provide complete pressure washing satisfaction. You can rest assured that Mike will get your stuff clean. Go ahead – protect your investment with Clean Look. Save wear and tear on your back and knees -- call a pro! It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

* If you choose another pressure washer, don't forget to ask about their insurance. Homeowners should not trust valuable real estate to uninsured pressure washers. When in doubt, ask to see the paperwork.

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