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Pressure Washing When Selling Your Home.

Published April 8th, 2017

By Mike Savage

Pressure washing when selling your home

A Home Buyers First Impression Should Be A Good One

With the housing market so competitive right now in the North Georgia Mountains, it's important that your house is attractive to potential home buyers. It's been said that first impressions can make or break a potential sale.

Curb Appeal is Important

Curb appeal is so important. If the first thing a potential buyer notices is that the concrete driveway is black instead of white, the siding and decks are green and black because of algae and mold, and the overall appearance is just plain dirty, then it will be a huge turnoff to a home buyer. It also throws up a red flag that says, " If they didn't maintain the exterior, what else haven't they maintained?"

A Clean Exterior Adds Value To A Home

Increasing the value of your home is another good reason to have your home, decks, and concrete driveway cleaned. According to the National Association of Realtors, a recently pressure-washed home could increase the value from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the size. I work with a number of realtors in my area and they all agree that pressure washing is by far the biggest return on investment that someone can make when selling a home.

Hire An Expert Pressure Washer

Most people are busy with packing, decluttering, and trying to get the inside presentable for showings so finding the right person to clean the outside can be well worth the money and one less thing to worry about. The next important decision is who to hire and who not to hire. Like any other service provider, hire an expert in the field.

Ask Questions Before You Hire A Pressure Washer

Some questions to ask might include the following: Are you insured for pressure washing? Is pressure washing all you do? What kind of equipment and detergents do you use? Do you have a website? Do you have reviews and testimonials on your site? You can learn a lot about a person and their business just by looking at their website. You should be able to tell if they are an insured professional in their field or just someone doing pressure washing as a side job who is not experienced and who could potentially damage your biggest investment. When you are ready to list your home on the market you can feel comfortable and assured knowing that the exterior of your home, driveway, and deck will be cleaned in a prompt and professional manner at a reasonable price when you call Mike at Clean Look Pressure Washing.

Fully insured, Clean Look Pressure Washing owner Mike Savage, is known for being dependable, reasonably priced, and honest. Give him a call for a free estimate or with any questions about pressure washing. Servicing the Blairsville, Georgia , Hiawassee , Georgia , Murphy, North Carolina , and Hayesville , North Carolina areas, Mike goes beyond the expected to provide complete pressure washing satisfaction. You can rest assured that Mike will get your stuff clean. Go ahead – protect your investment with Clean Look. Save wear and tear on your back and knees -- call a pro! It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

* If you choose another pressure washer, don't forget to ask about their insurance. Homeowners should not trust valuable real estate to uninsured pressure washers. When in doubt, ask to see the paperwork.

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