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Clean Look Pressure Washing Owner Mike Savage



Mike uses a method called soft washing when washing houses. This is a combination of utilizing high quality detergents with low pressure to achieve fabulous results. There is no need to grind off dirt, mold, and mildew which could result in damage to you or your property. Call today for more information about soft washing.



As well as being unsightly, mold and mildew will eventually start to rot even pressure treated wood. Decks should be cleaned at least once every 2 years, followed by a high quality stain to protect the wood.

Hard surfaces such as concrete driveways or brick sidewalks require higher pressure and a rotary surface machine to achieve professional results. The rotary surface machine can clean 21 inches at a time which is faster and yields much better results than a wand that takes longer and only gets, at best, mediocre results.



In addition to the above services, Mike also does gutter cleaning, gutter brightening, and rust stain removal. Contact Mike for more information about the availability of these services.

Before and after of pressure washing house in Blairsville GA.


Mike Savage, owner of Clean Look Pressure Washing, has been a resident of Union County Georgia for over 19 years and is known for customer satisfaction. Mike returns calls by the end of the day, shows up on time, greets everyone with a smile, and does a great job. He says, "My customers don't pay me a penny until they are satisfied with everything. I am not a lawn service company who does part-time pressure washing or a painting contractor who does some pressure washing on the side. All I do is pressure washing, it's a full time endeavor and I have the education and equipment to achieve the best possible results."


Mike Savage is fully insured. He feels strongly that you do not take a chance on someone operating a pressure washer who is not insured.


Mike is Certified thru Spray Wash Academy out of Tallahassee, FL in Plant and Property Protection so you can be assured that every precaution will be addressed before he starts your job.


Mike values being punctual, efficient, and responsive. Assuring that this customers are satisfied with every aspect of the job before he is paid. 

blairsville cabin pressure washing
We recently used Mike Savage/Clean Look Pressure Washing to clean our 21 year old log cabin. To my knowledge, the cabin had not been pressure washed in over 8 years...and it looked it. We found Mike to be very prompt from his first visit when he gave us the estimate, to the day he cleaned the cabin. He said he would start at 9:30 am and he pulled in our driveway at 9:15...very impressive. Once he started, he did not stop until the job was finished. 

Bob & Heather Voshall | Blairsville, GA

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